CUZ020 'End Game / NWO' by Rhythm Beater

Cutterz presents CUZ020 'End Game' / 'NWO' 
Produced by Rhythm Beater.
'End Game' is a fully charged roller pumping maximum energy into the dance, retro computer game sounds build up into a dramatic synergy of haunting echoes and horns combined with a hard-step rolling beat and crescendo bass-lines. 'End Game' rides the lines between 'jump-up' & 'tech-step' in Rhythm
Beater's usual stylish and uncategorizable style.

 NWO begins with a sinister intro sampling George Bush Snr talking about a New World Order – referring to the emergence of a one world government. Eerie horns and filtered drums compliment this frightening idea and lead up to a bass-line that drops with such devastating force the dance-floor will be calling for the rewind!!

Released 9th July 2012